Thursday, November 17, 2011

A good start.

I have a few minutes for a quick post so here we go. I am on my lunch break but felt the urge to share this mornings action with my fellow fishing addicts. Knowing I had to work at 10 I dragged myself out of bed early to hit my trout pond.

As I pulled up to the pond and slid into my waders I noticed the water looked disturbed. There were trout just under the surface and they were feeding. I set up a midge larva just like last week and got fishing.

It was not long before I landed two trout. I had a couple blue gills take the fly as well. After making my 4 or 5 last casts I packed it up and headed to work. It makes the day go by a little faster knowing I caught fish that same day. I feel luck having a pond on my way to work and hope to use it till it freezes!


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